Special Donations

Special Donations 2023

In Memory of…

Joyce Sklar

Daniel and Marianne Bonner

In Honor of…

Marv Sitrin

Christine and Robert Brigs

In Memory Of…

Stephen Lundgren

Anne and Jim Elfstrum

In Honor of…

Mrs. Jill Frost for her attention to detail, clever wordplay, and            countless edits crafting personal and meaningful stories. We appreciate you!

Ellen and Mollie

In Memory of…

Louise Beyer

Christine and Robert Briggs

Special Donations 2021

In Honor of…

Kirstie Venanzi from the Library staff of the Institute for Advanced Study

Lorraine Sano Jackson by Hannah Wood

In Memory of…

Anil Trivedi by Kathleen Lehr

Ruth Robinson by Janis Homes

Andy Garthe and Mary Garthe O’Connor by Margaret and Louis Garthe.

Special Donations 2020

In Memory of…

Charles F. McCleary by his grandson, Kieran McCleary.

Noël Lee Mann, a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who was an artist, genealogist, nature enthusiast with a love of learning.

Special Donations 2019

In Honor of…

Beth Anne Kafasis and the InterLibrary Loans staff by the Four Seasons Book Club

Kathy Lehr by Kathryn Salfelder

Vanessa Rodrigues and Jesse Rodrigues by Paul Kafasis

In Memory of…

Randy Pisane from his Four Seasons at Historic Cranbury poker group:  Joe Burdi, John Calabrese, Dave Fletcher, Fred Marco, Jerry Metzheiser and Joe Simone.

Special Donations 2018

In Honor of…

Beth Anne and the Interlibrary Loan Staff from the Four Seasons Book Club.

Virginia Swanagan in appreciation of her tremendous support of the Cranbury PUblic LIbrary in her many roles over the years from Beverly Luck.

Jan Murphy and her wonderful contribution to inspiring and encouraging the children of Cranbury to be strong, engaged readers from Vanessa Krempa.

Josey’s 8th birthday from Chrissy.

In Memory of…

Dietrich Wahlers by Anna Drago

Special Donations 2017

In Memory of…

Larry and Dorothy Collison for their love of reading and in honor of my beloved sister, Valerie Collison Cier by Sheila Wolak

In Memory of Walter “Pete” Keve

John and Patria Sullivan
George and Audrey Smith
Noel and Daniel Kinney
Jim and Debbie Bond
Dorothy Klotzbeacher
Jeffrey and Patricia Kraws
Kenneth and Dina Ellsworth

In Memory of…

Melvin Wolfson – beloved Dad of Marjorie Black by Joan and Mort Metersky
Barbara Wahlers by Anna Drago
Therese Kishyk and son Stephen
Evelyn E. Wolfe Zinn by her daughter Deane Milligan

Special Donations 2016

In Memory of…

Genaro L Campi, who loved to read and research, by Lousie Campi
Manuel Arpajian by George Arpajian
Richard Zimmer by George and Audrey Smith
Stanley Stults by George and Audrey Smith

In Honor of…

Marilynn Mullen from the Sankowich Family
The Cranbury Public Library Staff by Marilynn Mullen
George and Audrey Smith by their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Taylor
Joyce Sklar on Hanukkah by Bradi Montozzi
Beth Anne Kafais and the ILL staff by the Four Seasons Book Club
Warren and Leigh Anne Barnes on their birthdays by Kirstie Venanzi
Jane B. Fahey and Fukiko Sakaguchi by James and Karou Fahey

In Memory of Rosie

Heidi Bloom-Leeds
Joyce Sklar

In Memory of Ruth Robinson

Chris and Bob Briggs
Marianne and Daniel Bonner
Barbara Brown
Knollwood Elementary School
John and Molly Kosciuch
Randolph and Rosalie Pisane
George and Audrey Smith
W H and Lora Tremayne
Paul and Kirstie Venanzi

In Memory of Anne Bonazzi

Sal and Jean Golisano
George and Audrey Smith

 In Memory of Karen Moutenot

John and Judith Austin
Mark and Nadine Berkowsky
Jack and Rene Brignola
Mike and Linda Browne
Wade and Nancy Bullington
Merna Burling
Judy Christensen
Jane and Matthew Curran
Lorraine Debolt
Marjorie DeBolt
Robert and Patrcia Demers
Thomas and Miriam Farmakis
Friends of Marjorie Debolt
Jean Friesen
Jack Frye
James and Carol Gallagher
John and Kay Gartner
Craig and Beverly Gilbert
George and Sally Giovanos
Ken and Anne Gorden
The Gourmet Group (P.I.G.S)
Fritz and Mary Jane Hager
Mr. & Mrs. Herbrechtsmeyer
Jane Huff
John and Helene Hughes
Juggler and Bukowski families
Richard and Susan Kallan
Charles and Alice Krumwiede
Pat & Byron Kruse
Kenneth and Carol Kyle
Bonnie Larson
Beverly Luck
Robert and Mary K. Miller
Patrick and Joanne Meehan
Charles Moutenot
Roger Moutenot
Richard and Janet Pape and Family
Christine and Sam Parker
John A. Raphael
Thomas and Mary Reilly
Carrie Schena
Diane and Bob Schlegel
Richard and Claire Schroeder
Denise M. Sheely
The Shum Family
Dale and Joan Smith
George and Audrey Smith
Judy and Lewis Steiner
Virginia Swanagan
Catherine and John Sweeney
Paul and Kirstie Venanzi
Bill and Betty Wagner
Larry and Margo Wegner

In Memory of…

Grace Monson on her birthday by Marilynn Mullen
The grandson of Fritz and Mary Jane Hager by Virginia Swanagan
Dorothy and Larry Collison by their daughter Valerie Cier

In Memory of Carol Lindenfeld

A M Bernhard
Joseph and Suzanne Carroll
Cranbury Education Association
Anne and Fred Dennehy
Robert and Judith Devine
Alan and Carol Dey
John M Dolina
Anna Drago
Sue and Harvey Gleeksman
Beverly Luck
Suzanne and Scott Nydick
Stephen and Elizabeth Silverman
Audrey and George Smith
Kirstie and Paul Venanzi
Susan Danser and Robert Warznak
Richard and Ina Zimmer

 Special Donations 2015

In Honor of…

Ani on her 7th birthday by Vanessa Krempa
Beth Anne Kafasis and the Inter-Library Loan Staff by The Four Seasons Book Club

In Memory of…

Donna S. Limpkins by Matthew Scott and Heather Keltz
Kim Dodge by Chris and Bob Briggs
Carl Osgood by Virginia Swanagan
Catherine Driggers by Donald Driggers

In Memory of Betty Jane Petterson

Herman and Mary Anne Meyer
Robert and Holly Meyer
Lee and Elaine Mount
Barbara Smatusek
Virginia Swanagan
Paul and Kirstie Venanzi

Special Donations in 2014

In Honor of …

Robert Suttmeier on his birthday by Vanessa Krempa
Zora Ware-Huff on her birthday by Samantha Burt
Anna Drago on the 80th Birthday by Mahbubeh Stave
Kathy Lehr by Michael Minter

In Memory of …

Barbara Butler by P. L. & J.S. Fleeman
Barbara Butler by Amy Briggs
Catherine G. Driggers by her son Donald Driggers
Mel Lehr by Amelia Paparozzi

In Memory of Don Luck

Diane, Mike, Molly and Miranda Cornwell
Patricia Demers
Anna Drago
Harvey and Sue Gleeksman
Beth Anne Kafasis
Carol Lindenfeld
Carl and Karen Maklad
Scott Madison and Rebecca Newsom
Susan Owicki
Eve Riskin and Gary Garrabrant
Lois Riskin
Virginia Swanagan
Eugene and Mary Speer
Mahbubeh Stave
Paul and Kirstie Venanzi
Dietrich and Barbara Wahlers
John & Judith Wolt

In Memory of Caroline Solow

Applegarth Book Club
Casimir and Susan Brostoski
Jon Butler
Thomas and Carol Charleroy
CFF- Ken Hall, Julie Sandford, Michael Tett, Anthony Minori, Diane Smith, Bo McCormick
Chicagoland Pop Warner Little Scholars
Kenneth Deitz
Phyllis Farruggio
Craig and Beverly Gilbert
Thomas and Helen Kane
Carol Lindenfeld
Bernard & Margaret Maziarz
Thomas and Lisa Moroski
Mid American Pop Warner
NE Region Pop Warner
Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc.
Princeton Mayor and Council
Edwin and Pamela Schmierer
Gayle Schwartz
Leo and Karen Slobodin
Trudie Solarz
Southeastern Regional Pop Warner
Janet Fleetwood Sperling
Virginia Swanagan
Joseph and Dorothy Tobia
Richard and Gail Ullman
Paul and Kirstie Venanzi
Joan Venslavsky

In Memory of Nick Kafasis

from Riley, Nathan and Jamie
Barbara and Chris Albrecht
George Arpajian and Pam Parseghian
Lois K. Bertram
Linda Betzer and Iris Bishop
Shirley Betzer
Brian Davis
Neil and Roberta Dellorusso
Patricia and Robert Demers
Fred and Anne Dennehy
Dennis and Eileen Dougherty
Mike and Kathy Dulin
Jessie Evans
Grace Glynn and family
The Golisano Family
Melissa Gordon
Donna Grande
Richard and Celeste Greene
Amy Jane and John Gruber
Sheila Hiebert
Gary and Jane Holland
Katherine and Allen Jani
Ken and Jackie Johnson
Edward and Karen Kelley
Dennis and Barbara Kennedy
Jean Kraley
Patricia and Jeffrey Kraws
Kathleen Lash
Heidi Bloom Leeds
Kathy Lehr
Art Littman
Donald and Beverly Luck
Edward Lugin
Eugene & Marna McDermmot
Andre and Rosemarie Mento
Robert and Mary K. Miller
August Mueller
Paul and Marilynn Mullen
David Nathan
Jeanne and Ira Negin
Steve Nicholson
Susan Paterson
Aglaia Polisson
Roy & Jerry’s Barber Shop
Elaine Saullo
Andrew & Cheryl Sholl
Siatista Association – USA
Alexander Sibley
Stephen and Elizabeth Silverman
Mary and Eugene Speer
Magdalena Steciuk
Virginia Swanagan
Cort,Jeremy, Joe and everyone at Terrible Labs, Inc.
Teifer Family
Patricia and David Thomsson
Sue and Chester Trubinski
Francine Turner
Paul and Kirstie Venanzi
George and Jan Wagner
Cathy and Jim Walter

Special Donations in 2013

In Honor of …

Heidi Bloom Leeds by Ruth Robinson
Beth Anne Kafasis and the Inter-Library Loan Staff by The Four Seasons Book Club
Callie Rose Sankowich by grandparents, Marilynn and Paul Mullen
Patricia Thomsson by her brother Eric Thomsson
Mel Lehr on his birthday by Amelia Paparozzi

In Memory of Walter Gay

Brent and Carolyn Barlow
Joseph and Annette Burdi
Patricia L. Dorf
Craig and Beverly Gilbert
Heidi Bloom Leeds
Kathleen A. Lehr
Frank and Roberta Marlowe
Gerald Metzheiser
Roy & Jerry’s Barber Shop
Karen Van Siclen
Vera L. Wackerman

In Memory of Mel Lehr, Foundation Board Member and Friend

Joanne and Howard Babbitt
David and Louise Beyer
Sylvia and Arnold Bloch
Marianne and Daniel Bonner
Christine and Robert Briggs
Annette and Joseph Burdi
Linda Castillo
Maryann and Joseph Colombo
Patricia and Robert Demers
Carol and James Devine
Patricia Donshevsky
Ruth Easley
Gail E. Feather and Walter Clarke
Gail Gimbel
Richard and Celeste Greene
Patricia Ierley
Ann and Robert Innocenzi
Beth Anne and Nick Kafasis
Geri M. Kaplan
Diana Keck
George T. Kirby
John and Molly Kosciuch
John and Fay Kobland
Marilyn and John Kulpa
George W. Kuziw
Heidi Bloom Leeds
Carolyn Lehr
Allan Mallach
Gerald Metzheiser
Marilynn and Paul Mullen
Jan and Rian Murphy
Jean Nostrand
Gloria and Christopher Olsen
Margaret Quinn
Amelia Paparozzi
Rosalie and Randolph Pisane
Josephine Rinaldi
Janice Roddenbery
Harold and Marilyn Rourke
Patricia H. Scott
Sally Ann Shakun
Elizabeth and Stephen Silverman
Joyce Sklar
George and Audrey Smith
Dorothy and Joseph Territo
Mary and Eugene Speer
Deborah Trivedi
Marguerite S. VanWowk
Kirstie Venanzi

Special Donations in 2012

In Honor of …

Beth Anne Kafasis by Ruth Robinson
The Inter-Library Loan Staff by The Four Seasons Book Club
Claire Maselli on her 90th birthday by her daughters

Special Donations in 2011

In Honor of …

Beth Anne Kafasis by Ruth Robinson
The Inter-Library Loan Staff by The Four Seasons Book Club
Declan Ryker Sankowich by grandparents, Marilynn and Paul Mullen

In Memory of …

Don Jo Swanagan by Catherine Froissart

Special Donations in 2010

In Honor of …

Ann Solomon on the occasion of her birthday by Barbara and Norman Kanter
Don Jo and Virginia Swanagan by Paul and Kirstie Venanzi
Our grandchildren, Riley and Nathan Kafasis, by Beth Anne and Nicholas Kafasis
Beth Anne Kafasis by The Book Club of Four Seasons in Cranbury

In Memory of …

Lawrence “Bud” Guidi, Jr. by Honey Zisman

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