Invitation For Bids

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that sealed Bids will be received by the Cranbury Public Library (hereinafter called the Owner), on the public plaza outside the front (east) entrance to the Cranbury Town Hall Building, 23-A North Main Street, Cranbury, New Jersey 08512, on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 11:00 AM prevailing time. All Bids shall be delivered by hand. No bids will be received after the time and date specified and no bids will be received by mail. Bids shall be received by courier service (date and time recorded) or shall be hand delivered on the day of the bid opening; a Library representative will be available outside of Town Hall one (1) hour prior to the bid opening to receive hand-delivered bids. All Bids will be opened publicly and read aloud at that time. Appropriate social distancing measures will be practiced among all participants.

The Owner shall award the Contract or reject all bids within 60 days of bid opening, except that the bids of any bidders who consent thereto may, at the request of the Owner, be held for consideration for such longer period as may be agreed. The Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities in bids and to reject any and all bids if it is in the best interest of the Owner to do so. 

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