Early March Update

Michael Ferrante, Foundation President, stopped by the Township Committee meeting on March 13 during the Public Comment agenda item and provided a brief update to Mayor Cook and the other members of the committee since the December update:

  • The donation of the new library furniture went as planned, with moving services and storage services also being donated — a huge win for the new library and show of support for the project.
  • The funding gap has reduced to $205,000, with outstanding pledges reducing dramatically to $160,000 from 16 donors.
  • The project will go out for bid in the new few weeks as the site and building plans are aligned and the bid is prepared.
  • The final phase of the capital campaign is the “Community Walk of Knowledge” brick program, where an outdoor space will be integrated into the “town green” concept endorsed by the Parks Commission.

No decisions were requested of or made by the Township Committee.